Elmo Document Cameras

Every school is receiving several Elmo document camera setups. These setups include an Elmo document camera, projector, and cart.

So what is an Elmo document camera and how can I use it in my classroom?
An Elmo document camera, along with the included projector, allows you to project anything you put underneath it onto a wall or whiteboard. It is similar to the old transparency projectors, but without the need to use transparency sheets. Anything you put under the Elmo will be projected, whether it be student work, science experiment, a worksheet you are completing in class, and more.

You can hook the Elmo up to a computer and project what is on the computer as well, but you don’t even need a computer for the Elmo to work. So if you haven’t seen the Elmo setups in your school (all should be delivered by the end of November), try and track one down to see how it can benefit the instruction in your classroom.